I'm Laura Meyer AKA Cygne (looks intimidating, but it's pronounced seen). I'm a musician-writer from all over - lately (and originally) the New York City area. I recently completed a fifteen-country tour in support of my latest album, Let It Breathe. Right now I'm taking a pause to do just that... check out the music and if you feel moved to, say hello

52 Covers Project Ep. 13: "Nitemare Hippy Girl" 

Friday night's show in Ashland smelled of patchouli and weed. People wore GREAT PANTS of many magical colors and fabrics. After an evening of prolonged eye contact, tender hugs, and enraptured dancing I drove to Chico and I thought YES! Episode 13! "Nitemare Hippy Girl"! So here you go:

Beck was my biggest crush in middle/high school (still is). I listened to Midnite Vultures so many times I actually wore out the CD, which I didn't think was possible. I didn't scratch it because it never left my boombox - it just stopped playing one day. So I got another copy. Mellow Gold holds a special place in my heart, though: 

Oh god, but then there's Odelay:

When I was sixteen I saw him for the first time at Radio City Music Hall during the Midnite Vultures tour. As he sang "Debra" a bed lowered from the ceiling and he thrashed around like a madman using falsetto that would make Prince proud... suffice to say I didn't have a voice the next day. 

It's impossible to have a favorite. Each album is so unique...

And yet they all tie together in the perfect way. 

52 Covers Project Ep. 12: "Sleep" 

Though best known for epic jamz Phish has many sweet, simple songs and I love "Sleep." I also love sleep! Haha. Please excuse the excessive yawning - I was really feeling this one. :D 

I added a little footage from the ferry ride at the end. Doe Bay has been a dream... all I've heard for two days are gentle waves, birdsong, and children playing. Nature restores the soul.  

Happy Spring! May you sleep well & wake rested!

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52 Covers Project Ep. 11: "Me & Bobby McGee" 

Over the years this has been the number one requested song at my shows but I've been too timid to cover Janis... until now! Muahahaha!!!

Happy weekend! Check back soon for some very exciting additions to the store... (hint: NEW SHIRTS!!!)



52 Covers Project Ep. 10: "Three Little Birds" 

Here's a happy song from my happy place to wish you a happy Saturday! 

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Tour galore 

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52 Covers Ep. 9: "California" 

Who doesn't love California? It seems everyone has a song for the Golden State and the past week I've found myself humming Joni's in anticipation of coming home for a few days. I recorded this during a rainstorm yesterday afternoon in Port Townsend. Washington is gorgeous, the people are insanely nice, and all the rain and snow have been great for productivity...  but I'm ready for some vitamin D now :)

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Here's a lil video I made for "Seabright" while I was on the Olympic Peninsula last week :)

52 Covers Project Ep. 8: "Pretty Pimpin" 

Some days I listen to "Pretty Pimpin." Other days I listen to "Pretty Pimpin" on repeat. It cures every mood and gets me out jogging on these cold winter mornings when I feel more inclined to stay in bed drinking cocoa and searching for flights to Maui. Even so, my fingers were too cold for an outdoor video so here's one from the bathroom sink:

And here's the brilliant original by Kurt Vile:

Hope you enjoy having this song stuck in your head as much as I do. :)

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52 Covers Project Ep. 7: "Cleva" 

Mama's Gun is one of my desert island picks. In fact, it helped me survive the desert island that was junior year of high school. It was a tough year - my parents divorced, Bush was president, Phish was on hiatus, and I suffered my first heartbreak when my boyfriend disappeared to the Yukon territory. 

It was also a year of wonderful self-discovery - I got serious about writing songs, I recorded my first ones, and I transformed my bedroom into a sparkly rainbow creation station I rarely left. Inside that warm glittery womb I spent hours sewing clothes and quilts while listening to Bob Marley, Erykah Badu, and this one really sad but beautiful Moby album... it's as if I was trying to piece my world back together again. 

"Cleva" gave me strength and inspiration at a time when nothing felt "alright," least of all me. Erykah Badu continues to be one of my biggest role models because of her authenticity and wit - not to mention her incredible voice. Hope you enjoy!

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