I'm Laura Meyer AKA Cygne (looks intimidating, but it's pronounced seen). I'm a musician-writer from all over - lately (and originally) the New York City area. I recently completed a fifteen-country tour in support of my latest album, Let It Breathe. Right now I'm taking a pause to do just that. Please enjoy the music and writing and if you feel moved to, say hello. :D

52 Covers Project Ep. 10: "Three Little Birds" 

Here's a happy song from my happy place to wish you a happy Saturday! 

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Tour galore 

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52 Covers Ep. 9: "California" 

Who doesn't love California? It seems everyone has a song for the Golden State and the past week I've found myself humming Joni's in anticipation of coming home for a few days. I recorded this during a rainstorm yesterday afternoon in Port Townsend. Washington is gorgeous, the people are insanely nice, and all the rain and snow have been great for productivity...  but I'm ready for some vitamin D now :)

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Here's a lil video I made for "Seabright" while I was on the Olympic Peninsula last week :)

52 Covers Project Ep. 8: "Pretty Pimpin" 

Some days I listen to "Pretty Pimpin." Other days I listen to "Pretty Pimpin" on repeat. It cures every mood and gets me out jogging on these cold winter mornings when I feel more inclined to stay in bed drinking cocoa and searching for flights to Maui. Even so, my fingers were too cold for an outdoor video so here's one from the bathroom sink:

And here's the brilliant original by Kurt Vile:

Hope you enjoy having this song stuck in your head as much as I do. :)

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52 Covers Project Ep. 7: "Cleva" 

Mama's Gun is one of my desert island picks. In fact, it helped me survive the desert island that was junior year of high school. It was a tough year - my parents divorced, Bush was president, Phish was on hiatus, and I suffered my first heartbreak when my boyfriend disappeared to the Yukon territory. 

It was also a year of wonderful self-discovery - I got serious about writing songs, I recorded my first ones, and I transformed my bedroom into a sparkly rainbow creation station I rarely left. Inside that warm glittery womb I spent hours sewing clothes and quilts while listening to Bob Marley, Erykah Badu, and this one really sad but beautiful Moby album... it's as if I was trying to piece my world back together again. 

"Cleva" gave me strength and inspiration at a time when nothing felt "alright," least of all me. Erykah Badu continues to be one of my biggest role models because of her authenticity and wit - not to mention her incredible voice. Hope you enjoy!

Happy Valentine's Day! 

Just a lil note to give a lil love! 

Like many I've been slipping into the fear-anger-grief spiral the past few weeks and I finally realized that from this energetic place I've helped no one and solved nothing.

Why does anger feel like a more powerful/effective approach when love is most required? Why does love seem so meager in times like these? Like, "my country is in chaos and I'm going to *love* it back to balance?"  

Yes - as soon as we love as completely and radically and powerfully as we fear and scream and sob we can. Or more powerfully! 

We don't know what the future holds and that feels scary until we realize we're actively creating the future in every moment with our thoughts and actions. So please join me in retracting power back from the fear-anger-grief spiral and creating a world built on love!  

Love family, love friends, love neighbors, love pets, love skin, love faces, love voices, love music, love sunshine, love clouds, love breath, love movement, love thoughts, love flowers, love trees, love food, love water, love laughter, love rest, love LOVE! Like our life depends on it - because it does! 

Remember we came here to love.  

<3 Cygne

52 Covers Project Ep. 6: "There Is A War" 

Leonard Cohen wrote "There Is A War" over forty years ago yet it perfectly summarizes 2017. If you don't know the original, please get ​New Skin for the Old CeremonyIt has the greatest songwriting and performances you will ever hear.

In 2011 I covered "There Is A War" on Golden Delicious, which I invite you to download. It doesn't have the greatest songwriting and performances you will ever hear but it's also timely. I made it during Occupy Wall Street and, nearly six years later, it's tragically even more relevant. 

If you'd like to support my music please consider becoming a patron. More importantly, please make your voice heard:

Daily Action
US House of Representatives
US Senate
The 65

Together we can stop this war.  

Let it breathe... out today! 

Today's the day!

You can now listen to Let It Breathe on bandcampiTunesSpotify, and other digital platforms*, plus on brand new shiny compact discs!

Big world on a little ball

Amidst the turmoil in the US and abroad releasing an album feels a bit like humming beside an erupting volcano. However making these songs has been my salvation the past year and I release them with the intention and hope that they will bring you joy and comfort as well. Some of those who pre-ordered have shared the following responses: 

"your best yet!"
"more hopeful and optimistic than I expected... positively refreshing"

... but in the famous words of Levar Burton, you don't have to take my word for it. ;)

10 year anniversary bonus album

Today also marks the 10th anniversary of the release of Four Corners, the first album I recorded with Steve Rossiter back when I was a senior in college and a pre-schooler in life. To celebrate a decade of collaboration (and growth!) every purchase of Let It Breathe through my website or bandcamp comes with a free bonus download of Four Corners!

Let It Breathe Winter Tour

Please join me for the following west coast concerts!

Feb 10 / OLYMPIA, WA // Cascadia Homebrew
Feb 11 / REDMOND, WA // SoulFood
Feb 12 / TACOMA, WA // Unity of South Sound
Feb 14 / TACOMA, WA // University of Puget Sound
Feb 16 / SEATTLE, WA // Conor Byrne
Feb 18 / SEATTLE, WA // C & P
Feb 25 / BAINBRIDGE ISLAND, WA // Eleven
Mar 01 / PORTLAND, OR // Alberta Street Pub
Mar 03 / PORT TOWNSEND, WA // Disco Bay Detour
Mar 04 / CHIMACUM, WA // Finnriver
Mar 07 / DAVENPORT, CA // Davenport Roadhouse
Mar 08 / MENLO PARK, CA // Off the Grid
Mar 10 / MENLO PARK, CA // Cafe Zoé
Mar 11 / WINTERS, CA // Berryessa
Mar 12 / EUGENE, OR // Unity of the Valley
Mar 13 / SISTERS, OR // Open Door
Mar 16 / EUGENE, OR // Black Forest
Mar 18 / SALEM, OR // Tap Root
Mar 19 / EUGENE, OR // Hop Valley
Mar 22 / PORTLAND, OR // White Eagle
Mar 23 / LA CONNER, WA // Anelia's
Mar 24 / OLGA, WA // Doe Bay

More California & Europe tour dates will be announced soon. In the meantime, here's a taste of the road: 


It's been a fun, fast month touring from Santa Fe to Seattle. I've spent more time indoors than I'm used to (it's sleeting on the skylight as I type) but here are a couple photos from the trip up the coast:
Had a lovely visit with lovely Johnny Houx in lovely Ferndale, CA. In case you missed it, here's our (lovely?) cover of PJ Harvey's "We Float." 
And lovely cows. Oregon's dramatic coastline...The past couple weeks I've been in Portland, writing and phoning and doing other stuff. 
I admit I often feel like: 
But I too am more hopeful and optimistic than expected. 

With love, 


People often ask what's the best way to acquire music in a way that will support the musician. In case you're wondering (thank you): 
1. It's always best to buy directly from the artist.
2. Bandcamp is also a wonderful option because they charge just small percentage and the rest of the money goes directly to the artist. Plus - today only bandcamp is donating 100% of their profits to the ACLU!
3. iTunes is also a good place to purchase music, and regardless of whether or not you purchase the album via iTunes it'd be a huge help if you would write a positive review for Let It Breathe
4. As for streaming, Spotify compensates me approximately $0.001 per song. This is far from a living wage however creating playlists and sharing the music with your friends is still a great way to show support. Especially if you leave it playing 24-7 ;)

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