Greetings! I'm Cygne (looks intimidating, but it's pronounced seen). I just completed a fifteen-country tour in support of my latest album, Let It Breathe. Right now I'm taking a pause to write-reflect-record-reeeelax and I'm documenting my discoveries-uncoveries-recoveries here. If you feel moved to, please say hello.

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Happy Earth Day! 

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Apr 27 / PARIS, FR // Le Nouveau Brooklyn
Apr 28 / ANTWERP, BE // Papa Jos
Apr 29 / ANTWERP, BE // Moby Dick
Apr 30 / BRUSSELS, BE // House Concert
May 01 / RUPELMONDE, BE // Vogelzang
May 03 / GENÈVE, CH // Wood
May 04 / LUZERN, CH // Konzerthaus Schüür (supporting Reto Burrell!)
May 05 / OLTEN, CH // Galicia Musik Bar 
May 06 / LUZERN, CH // The Phrontistery
May 07 / WIESBADEN, DE // Infoladen
May 08 / BERLIN, DE // Ofen Bar
May 09 / BERLIN, DE // Madame Claude
May 10 / GDAŃSK, PL // Bruderschaft
May 11 / POŁCZYN-ZDRÓJ, PL // Klubokawiarnia Kulturalna
May 12 / SŁUPSK, PL // Duo Cafe
May 13 / POZNAŃ, PL // Pod Niebieniem
May 14 / GDYNIA, PL // Blues Club
May 16 / WROCŁAW, PL // MASKArada
May 17 / PRAGUE, CZ // Studio Paměť
May 18 / LITOMYŠL // Galerie Garáž
May 19 / OSTRAVA, CZ // Maryčka
May 20 / OLOMOUC, CZ // Blues Bar Garch
May 21 / STRAKONICE, CZ // Espresso Barmeo
May 23 / CAPRILE, IT // LanaLive @ Baumannhof
May 26 / VERONA, IT // La Coopera 1945
May 29 / MILAN, IT // 1930 Club
May 31 / MANTOVA, IT // Ristorante Giallozucca
Jun 07 / MILAN, IT // Parco Tittoni
Jun 08 / ZÜRICH, CH // Die Schneiderei
Jun 09 / BERN, CH // Matte Brennerei
Jun 10 / ZÜRICH, CH // House Concert
Jun 14 / BERN, CH // Cafe Marta
Jun 15 / LA CHAUX-DE-FONDS, CH // L'Entre Deux
Jun 16 / PARIS, FR // Au Chat Noir

Regardless of where you live here are fun Earth Day events happening near you. Climate change is real! I wasn't expecting to find myself jogging in a snowstorm a couple weeks ago!Nor were the flowers :-O
Nevertheless, we persisted...
because that's what life does. 
Have a great weekend! Thank you for sharing this beautiful planet! 


52 Covers Project Ep. 15: "I Know You Rider" 

Happy Saturday! 

You survived another heavy week in the world of... well, the world. Here are some good lovin' vibes from just north of the San Francisco Bay :) 

I've been staying with hippie elders of late and asking (pleading), "Are we going to be OK?!" "Did the world feel this chaotic in the 60s??" "HOW DO WE SAVE THE PLANET?" etc. They tell me to keep breathing, to keep dancing, and to keep making art. I think it's good advice but I still struggle to believe that it's "enough." 

Like how can I just write songs when people are dying and bombs are dropping and oil is being sucked out of the earth and into the atmosphere at a catastrophic rate?! I feel so helpless! It's frustrating to not have answers - no one knows what's ahead. But that's life - the unknown. Life isn't for us to know but to feel and to create and to experience. We think of the unknown as a future black hole but there's a seed right here, right now, in this darkness. And that is enough. It is everything. We must tend to it. 

This morning a friend asked me how I feel after playing a show. I said, "I always feel better." It doesn't matter if I just played three hours for five people for no money with wicked cramps after a long day of driving and I'm exhausted and hungry and a whole mix of emotions - I still feel better than before I began. It makes no sense! That is Art. That is Life. That is Love. Songs appear, flowers blossom, hearts melt into Spirit. The mysterious force of Creation is constantly seeking expression through us. 

I have no idea what this has to do with "I Know You Rider" except that the Grateful Dead are one of many bands who cracked open the portal of the Unknown for me. Sometimes the words don't make sense and I space out on long jams but, again, Art transcends sense and senses (say that ten times fast!). Art connects us to Spirit. So keep breathing, keep dancing, and keep making art. 


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Spring has sprung 

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52 Covers Project Ep. 13: "Nitemare Hippy Girl" 

Friday night's show in Ashland smelled of patchouli and weed. People wore GREAT PANTS of many magical colors and fabrics. After an evening of prolonged eye contact, tender hugs, and enraptured dancing I drove to Chico and I thought YES! Episode 13! "Nitemare Hippy Girl"! So here you go:

Beck was my biggest crush in middle/high school (still is). I listened to Midnite Vultures so many times I actually wore out the CD, which I didn't think was possible. I didn't scratch it because it never left my boombox - it just stopped playing one day. So I got another copy. Mellow Gold holds a special place in my heart, though: 

Oh god, but then there's Odelay:

When I was sixteen I saw him for the first time at Radio City Music Hall during the Midnite Vultures tour. As he sang "Debra" a bed lowered from the ceiling and he thrashed around like a madman using falsetto that would make Prince proud... suffice to say I didn't have a voice the next day. 

It's impossible to have a favorite. Each album is so unique...

And yet they all tie together in the perfect way. 

52 Covers Project Ep. 12: "Sleep" 

Though best known for epic jamz Phish has many sweet, simple songs and I love "Sleep." I also love sleep! Haha. Please excuse the excessive yawning - I was really feeling this one. :D 

I added a little footage from the ferry ride at the end. Doe Bay has been a dream... all I've heard for two days are gentle waves, birdsong, and children playing. Nature restores the soul.  

Happy Spring! May you sleep well & wake rested!

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52 Covers Project Ep. 11: "Me & Bobby McGee" 

Over the years this has been the number one requested song at my shows but I've been too timid to cover Janis... until now! Muahahaha!!!

Happy weekend! Check back soon for some very exciting additions to the store... (hint: NEW SHIRTS!!!)



52 Covers Project Ep. 10: "Three Little Birds" 

Here's a happy song from my happy place to wish you a happy Saturday! 

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Tour galore 

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