52 Covers Project Ep. 27 & 28: "What I Am" & "What's Up"

Hello! Happy weekend! :D  

Here are a couple new covers. First is "What I Am" by Edie Brickell & New Bohemians, a song I sang countless times as a child. 

As an older child I fell asleep listening to Volcano every night so when I hear Edie's voice I feel like I'm snuggled up under a comforter. Here's the 
original for you to admire the beautiful guitar solo and all the denim and hair that was 1988:


#28 is "What's Up" which you probably know and love-hate as it's a total ear worm:

If you watch this one please sing along... loudly ;)  

Had a great tour up to Washington and Oregon and now Mama Cygne is visiting from the East Coast so I'm going to rally for a hike. Have a great day and thanks for supporting the music!!