52 Covers Project Ep. 32: "She Belongs to Me"

Hey team!  

On a bus from Pärnu to Riga at the moment so hopefully this posts!

I recorded this song last week in a little fishing village on the Gulf of Finland (there are a few photos and a video clip of the bonfire at the end of the song). The last Saturday in August is a holiday in seaside villages in Estonia. I was told that for hundreds of years people have lit bonfires to honor people who have died the past year, as there are often falling stars/meteor showers around this time of year. Then I was told that the bonfires were traditionally lit to celebrate the end of summer and to tell the fishermen it's time to come home. Then I looked it up and the internet says this tradition began in Finland way back in, um, 1992? To celebrate independence as well as connection between coastal communities. So there you go. Like with anything, different people find different meanings and the internet is not always a reliable source (which I'm reminded all too often while trying to conduct business on a sold-out bus between screaming German children and my guitar in a sauna-like atmosphere).   

End of summer it is, though! Aside from the bus it has been cooooold. The berries are waning and the apples are getting big! Agh crossing the border, gotta go!! <3 <3 <3