52 Covers Project Ep. 7: "Cleva"

Mama's Gun is one of my desert island picks. In fact, it helped me survive the desert island that was junior year of high school. It was a tough year - my parents divorced, Bush was president, Phish was on hiatus, and I suffered my first heartbreak when my boyfriend disappeared to the Yukon territory. 

It was also a year of wonderful self-discovery - I got serious about writing songs, I recorded my first ones, and I transformed my bedroom into a sparkly rainbow creation station I rarely left. Inside that warm glittery womb I spent hours sewing clothes and quilts while listening to Bob Marley, Erykah Badu, and this one really sad but beautiful Moby album... it's as if I was trying to piece my world back together again. 

"Cleva" gave me strength and inspiration at a time when nothing felt "alright," least of all me. Erykah Badu continues to be one of my biggest role models because of her authenticity and wit - not to mention her incredible voice. Hope you enjoy!