Current Inspiration: dancing in the rain

So... much... rain. It's been a very wet summer here in the NE. Wet when it's raining, wet when it isn't raining (it's always raining). I ain't complaining - the plants are happy and it's still warm enough to get out and boogie. But the days are getting shorter so I need to establish a cold-weather plan NOW because I get SAD if I don't move (I get SAD when I do move, too, but not as BAD) and it's gonna be hard to boogie out there in the dark and ice. 

I was just looking up dance studios in my area which led to a search into the history of jazz which led to this video... almost enough to make me want to sign up for tap dancing lessons... but I doubt I'd find a playlist this good. And the playlist, we all know, is everything. <3

When was the last time you took a class? Signed up for something new? Something old? Something that'll feed your soul and make your inner child squeal with delight? I recently signed up for a pottery class!! So stoked. This is the first fall since forever I'm not touring so it was nearly as exciting to commit to a ten-week class as it will be to take the class... nearly. I fell in love with clay when I stayed at the Beatrice Wood Center back in 2011. One night I slept on the floor of her old library and awoke to voices of dinner parties past... ever since then I've heard her whispering from time to time, urging me to get my hands in some earth. Thank you, Beato