España to Estonia

Hello from a bus in Estonia!

First time I've had working bus wifi. Exciting! Short trip so I'll try to pack it in - it's been a lot!

Galicia was a beautiful start to tour. 

The coastline reminded me of Santa Cruz. 
Except for the big buildings. According to my inflight magazine A Coruña is The Best Place In Spain To Hear The Ocean. As it is The Only Place In Spain I Have Heard The Ocean, I have to agree. 
Most days were cold and stormy but the beach is otherwise ideal for sunbathing - it's composed of tiny pebbles that are small enough to feel like sand yet large enough to not stick to the skin, no matter how covered one is with coconut oil/sweat/mango. I've never seen anything like it. Just brushes right off. The little things!However I spent most days bundled up fighting a cold, recovering from jet lag, and working on fall tour (CA, AZ, NM, TX). 
Then the shows started rolling and everything made sense! It's hard to be down when you're singing in beautiful places for beautiful listeners. The audiences in A Coruña, Lugo, and Santiago de Compostela lifted my spirit back up <3One night I sang outside a 600-year-old cloister. 
The next facing a 1700-year-old Roman wall. It was magical. I'm a terrible history student.
But I feel it. A layover in Madrid offered a blast of heat and inspiration from Museo del Prado and Museo Reina Sofia, the highlight being Picasso's Guernica. In fact most of the paintings related to war. 

It’s surreal to watch the turmoil in the USA from places where the scars of fascism are fresh and deep.

Maybe we'd benefit from going to museums more often.  

I know I would. 

But it's hard to find time. So much to do. 


Errands. Obligations. 

Emails. Etc. 

Time to power down. Thank you for keeping in touch and giving meaning to this otherwise confusing existence.

Enjoy these last summer days... autumn is on her way!


Aug 23 / TALLINN, EE // Hell Hunt
Aug 24 / VALGA, LV // Hotel Metsis
Aug 25 / OANDU, EE // Oanduaia
Aug 26 / NEEME, EE // Ruhe 
Aug 27 / ALTJA, EE // Toomarahva turismitalu 
Aug 28 / VILIJANDI, EE // Pubi Suur Vend
Aug 30 / RIGA, LV // Kino Bize
Aug 31 / VILNIUS, LT// Paviljonas
Sep 01 / WARSAW, PL // BARdzo bardzo
Sep 03 / TYCHY, PL // Dzika Plaża Paprocany
Sep 04 / WROCŁAW, PL // HotSpot
Sep 05 / POZNAŃ, PL // Alligator
Sep 06 / PIŁA, PL // Rockopolis
Sep 07 / WSCHOWA, PL // CKiR
Sep 08 / OPOLE, PL // Laba
Sep 09 / ZAKOPANE, PL // STRH Cafe & Gallery
Sep 10 / KRAKÓW, PL // 2Okna
Sep 11 / KRAKÓW, PL // Cafecinemaparadiso
Sep 13 / GDAŃSK, PL // Bruderschaft
Sep 14 / BERLIN, DE // Artliners w/ Dan & Laurel
Sep 16 / KIEL, DE // Prinz Willy
Sep 18 / DÜSSELDORF, DE // Brause
Sep 19 / HAMBURG, DE // Freundlich+Kompetent 
Sep 20 / KÖLN, DE // Kulturcafe Lichtung
Sep 22 / MANNHEIM, DE // Altes Volksbad
Sep 23 / BERLIN, DE // Spud Bencer
Sep 24 / LEIPZIG, DE // Kulturfabrik 
Sep 25 / BONISWIL, CH // Deliziosa w/ Reto Burrell 
Sep 26 / BERN, CH // FabrikBistro
Sep 28 / BADEN, CH // TBA w/ Reto Burrell 
Sep 29 / BERN, CH // Matte Brennerei
Sep 30 / ALTDORF, CH // House Concert
Oct 01 / BASEL, CH // Offene Bühne
Oct 03 / SOLOTHURN, CH // Red John Irish Pub
Oct 04 / BASEL, CH // Autumn Sessions @ Markthalle Basel 
Oct 05 / BERN, CH // H27
Oct 06 / MONTREUX, CH // Ancienne Poste des Planches
Oct 07 / BIEL, CH // Literaturcafé Biel
Oct 09 / PARIS, FR // Le Pop In w/ Oh Pilot
Oct 12 / BARCELONA, ES // El Col-leccionist


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