Hallo from Köln!

Happy Equinox!

Writing from an artist's loft in Köln. My hosts are with a painted lady in the bathtub so I thought this would be a good time to catch up on fall tour news! Here are the remaining Europe concerts: 

Sep 22 / MANNHEIM, DE // Altes Volksbad, 8pm
Sep 23 / BERLIN, DE // Spud Bencer, 9pm
Sep 24 / LEIPZIG, DE // Kulturfabrik, 4pm
Sep 25 / BONISWIL, CH // La Deliziosa w/ Reto Burrell, 7pm
Sep 26 / BERN, CH // FabrikBistro, 12pm
Sep 28 / BADEN, CH // Club Joy w/ Reto Burrell, 6pm 
Sep 29 / BERN, CH // Matte Brennerei, 9pm
Sep 30 / ALTDORF, CH // House Concert
Oct 01 / BASEL, CH // Offene Bühne, 8pm
Oct 03 / SOLOTHURN, CH // Red John Irish Pub, 8:30pm
Oct 04 / BASEL, CH // Autumn Sessions @ Markthalle Basel, 8:30pm
Oct 05 / BERN, CH // H27, 7pm
Oct 06 / MONTREUX, CH // Ancienne Poste des Planches, 8pm
Oct 07 / BIEL, CH // Literaturcafé Biel, 9pm
Oct 09 / PARIS, FR // Le Pop In w/ Oh Pilot, 9pm
Oct 12 / BARCELONA, ES // El Col-leccionista, 8pm

The concerts have been ~ amazing ~ and I thank you with all my heart for contributing your energy and enthusiasm to this tour! You’re the difference between a great tour and a strange vacation. 

Below are a bunch of photos from the road to Germany through Poland, Lithuania, Latvia, and Estonia - but first here’s a peak at the final tour dates of 2017! Keeping the fall calendar a little light so I can harvest songs however if you’d like to host a show/swan please get in touch. I’ll be collecting donations for Houston at the concerts leading up to Thanksgiving with some special raffle prizes in exchange for your generosity.

Oct 19 | COTTAGE GROVE, OR | Axe & Fiddle, 8:30pm
Oct 21 | SALEM, OR | Vagabond, 9pm
Oct 22 | EUGENE, OR | Unity of the Valley, 9am
Oct 25 | GILROY, CA | Hecker Pass Winery, 6pm
Oct 27 | MENLO PARK, CA | Cafe Zoë, 7:30pm
Nov 01 | SOUTH PASADENA, CA | Wine & Song, 7pm
Nov 09 | ALBUQUERQUE, NM | Rio Bravo, 6pm
Nov 10 | DALLAS, TX | Six Springs Tavern, 7pm - with Susan Gibson
Nov 11 | SAN ANTONIO, TX | Sanchos, 7pm
Nov 16 | SAN ANTONIO, TX | Joe Blues, 9:30pm
Nov 17 | HOUSTON, TX | Brasil Cafe, 9pm
Nov 18 | HOUSTON, TX | Anderson Fair, 8pm
Nov 28 | AUSTIN, TX | Driskill Hotel, 6pm
Nov 29 | AUSTIN, TX | Driskill Hotel, 6pm
Nov 30 | AUSTIN, TX | Driskill Hotel, 6pm
Dec 01 | AUSTIN, TX | Driskill Hotel, 6pm
Dec 03 | PLANO, TX | Holistic Festival of Life & Wellbeing
Dec 08 | DALLAS, TX | Six Springs Tavern, 7pm - with Patrick Sweany
Dec 09 | SANTA FE, NM | Oxygen & Healing Bar, 8pm
Dec 10 | SANTA FE, NM | Center for Spiritual Living, 10am
Dec 14 | TAOS, NM | Taos Brewing, 8pm
Dec 15 | MADRID, NM | Mine Shaft, 5pm

Here are some photos from Estonia's grand finale - 

I played a couple farm stays on the Gulf of Finland, a sleepy, soggy, green seam of beauty where sea and forest meet. 

As usual I didn’t want to leave. 

But the road always leads to beauty. 

Riga offered its own flavor of magic - here are highlights from the concert on Latvian TV!

Then I had a couple days in Warsaw to visit my favorite Saturday farmers’ market and to do a little songwriting between shows.So much inspiration.

So many emotions. 

So many sweet concerts. 

A beautiful blur from Poznań to Zakopane. 

Then Berlin… oh, Berlin! Every time I love you more!!

Thankfully I’ll be back for one more concert this Saturday.

Ah, but now it's morning and I must catch a train... thank you, thank you, thank you, a thousand thank yous for making this tour so magical, and to those of you joining us in spirit from afar. I love you, World!

More photos/etc. on instagram, & facebook. Also - more cover videos on patreon!