Here's my letter to Santa/The Universe/God/Creator/Great Spirit/All-One/Whom It May Concern: 

I wrote "Miracles" last New Years' Eve when I returned from Europe. Between the refugee crisis and the attacks in Paris I was desperate for meaning and purpose. My friend Stephi urged me to make a list of my desires so that I might reignite my imagination and find joy again. At first it felt ridiculously indulgent to want for anything while safe, warm, and well-fed. But soon the words started flowing and I found myself laughing. The original version of this song (basically a list of what I want) was over forty-five minutes.

This summer I brought the lyrics to Steve Rossiter at Axis Sound and we recorded this. You can pre-order the album now on bandcamp and in the webstore. If you can, please help support the refugees by donating and voicing your concern to your representatives

I hope you enjoy it, and that "Miracles" inspires your own. Here's to a miraculous 2017!