Take Me Home: Brentwood, CA

October 6, 2010 Shoutout to Patrick Dunn, who just supported my work on Patreon. Not only did Patrick host me when I was in LA, he's babysat my guitar, backed my albums, shared stages, and more than anything this guy has written some kickass songs. 
On this particular stay I'd just flown from NYC to LA. I'd spent the summer between tours working M-F at a holistic healing center, F/S nights at a teen center, one day a week at the farmers' market, plus playing occasional gigs, recording Been Here Before on days off (?), and booking a cross-country tour. Not to mention my family was going through a really hard time. Tour felt like vacation. 

As usual leaving New York I got pulled out of the security line. "Is this your bag." (Not a question.) 
"Do you mind if I search it." (Not a question.) 
"Go ahead." 
"Okay. Please watch what I do carefully, but do not reach in or touch your bag." 
The TSA worker unzipped my backpack, peeling it open with plastic fingers as if expecting to find a severed head.
"What is this?" He held up a jar. "Is this honey?" (Actual questions.) 
"No, it's quinoa... it's a grain (actually a seed)... like rice." 
"Is it edible or just to look at?" (Actual question.) 
"It's my breakfast." 
He made a face, shook his head, and sent me on my way. 

Back in California, where jars of non-glutinous grain-like-but-not-grain seeds are the norm, my quinoa and I slept peacefully under Bob Dylan's watch. 

Thank you, Patrick & Taylor. <3

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