Happy New Year!

Happy New Year!!! Here's an excerpt from the first week of the 52 Originals Project :D

With the support of patrons & fans in 2017 I covered a new song each week while performing 158 concerts in a dozen countries. Suffice to say it's been an inspiring year and I'm ready to get writing!!

In 2018 I'll write and upload a new song every week. If you're interested in gaining exclusive access to new songs, stories, and images please check out Patreon! I'd love to hear your comments, suggestions, and requests as the second year of this project evolves. 


I'm sitting here in my mom's sunroom watching the sunrise through the snowy frozen naked branches. We're excited to fill the bird feeders this afternoon - we haven't lately because a bear's been roaming the neighborhood but now he's sleeping so we can feed the little songbirds. 

Speaking of which - three cygnes have been coasting across the street! It has been SO COLD I don't know how their little feathered bellies take it. They're not out there today because this weekend's subzero temperatures finally froze the lake solid - some ice fishermen are out there this morning. Crazy how quickly things change. Though often too slowly for us to detect. 

So here's to changing at the speed of life! My mom's birthday is today so the first song of the 52 Originals Project is for her. She thinks I'm crazy to be taking on this project for various reasons - my life is in flux (always), my anxiety is high (especially), and I tend to be obsessive compulsive about songwriting. But we've been at this for a while now, and I want to keep practicing letting go and creating regularly (versus sporadically) and hopefully inspiring you to do the same. We have 52 covers and a lot of mileage behind us, so we've built a little foundation for trust, don't you think? 

Thank you so much for supporting this project and my songwriting/creative process. After a year of learning other people's songs I feel so much stored up creative juju. I imagine I'll share a combination of brand new ideas as well as songs sprouted from ideas I've been holding for a while. Please feel free to comment with song/thematic requests and I'll do my best to honor them. I've never really shared works-in-progress/unfinished songs with anyone other than my sister or Steve (producer) but I heard that Paul McCartney once said a song isn't finished until you hear it on the radio. So to hell with perfectionism, here's to the present. And maybe one day the radio? 

I wish you the happiest of years and good luck with your resolutions, plans, and aspirations for 2018.