The Year of Change

This year more than any other is our opportunity for change. Because this is the only year that is happening right now!

I’ve always had (and probably always will have) big dreams & goals for then, fixating on the ones I reached or, more likely, didn’t reach in the past and the ones that are far off in the future, also not happening (though possibly - hopefully - in progress). 

But change happens in small sips of daily life. 

I’ve been wanting to change for a long time, but like so many I was on a wheel. A wheel of my own creation (big dreams & goals), but a wheel is a wheel and a wheel goes around and around and around… 

Over time the momentum becomes too strong - rather, too scary - to stop. Because in the whir of our habits and familiarities (even constant change takes on a level of sameness) we become disconnected from that which truly fills and propels us. We’re living on the surface of life.

What are you really ready to change? Not to achieve or become or conquer (when do we learn these ABCs?!) but to simply be this unique expression of YOU? In my experience true change happens not when we gain something, but when we let go of something. Leaps of faith are scary - that's what makes them leaps of faith. But we take them because we know we got this.

And when we land we gain a truer, fuller, freer expression of who we really are. Trust yourself like you trust your breath. The inhale will follow the exhale. Just, you know... let it breathe. :)

Lots of stuff in the works. For now I'm posting daily stories from the road here. I'm also posting a new song every week here. Big dreams and goals are to have a book and an album by 2019 but I know better than to put that kind of pressure on myself. ;)

So much love! Happy Year of Change!