The Way

Here's a new song to help you find your way through these final election hours:

I've made a career out of feeling lost - first by putting existential crisis to music, then by constantly traveling. After spending each day not knowing where the hell I am it's tremendously satisfying to land each night onstage somewhere, exactly where I'm "supposed" to be. It gives me a false sense of control, and it distracts me from that greater, deeper lostness that's been driving since day one.

Repetition is soothing. The rhythm of the wheels going 'round and 'round lures us into a sense of safety... it even convinces us that we're progressing or changing because, after all, when we look out the window we see we're moving and it looks different out there tonight than it did this morning.

But stopping? Feeling the loss of feeling lost? That's a whole different story. 

We've been sitting at this fork in the road, thinking we know which way we want our country to go but held up by the millions of voices shouting conflicting directions in the giant unmeditated head that is the United States. We just want to GO! We're tired of waiting!! GIVE US THE WHEEL!

But just like we're never really lost - we only perceive ourselves to be - we're never really separate. After the election is over and some voices are angry and some are happy and others are hungry or indifferent or horny or sad - no matter what, all these voices will still occupy and share the same space. 

Let it breathe. What could be easier? What could be harder?